A turnkey solution, managed SMS marketing.

How it works:

  • All customers start at PERFORMANCE TIER 250.

  • Working with your business Compass will developimplement a marketing campaign to get customers to "Opt-In" to your text message program.  

  • Custom Keywords.  Example:  Text "keyword" to 71441 to join our text club for discounts and deals.

  • Additional costs may apply for marketing materials (examples include tent cards for your business, mailings to customers or inserts)

  • As a subscriber base and text messages increases billing is based on the total number of incoming/outgoing text messages per month.  

  • Each PERFORMANCE TIER provides a greater level of discount on the "per text message" cost.  

  • Available features for subscribers include: Mobile Coupons, Appointment Reminders, Polls, Contests, Loyalty Program, Industry Specific Programs and more!